We’re featured on Brite Revolution! (ps- last day of voting!)

there we are, on the far right

there we are, on the far right

Today (7/31/13) is the last day to vote! (click ‘vote’ plz)
We have a strong lead, so THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us in making The Nashville Deli Magazine’s August Artist of the Month! (if we have the privilege of winning!)


So there’s this really stinkin’ cool website based in the Nashville area for artists all across the U.S. (possibly international, I’m not positive) called Brite Revolution. (click here)

The cool news- We are featured on the homepage! ….and we are featured under the New Artists category…AAAAAND we are in the top 5 Most Popular Artists of the Week!! (7/31/13)

We’ve had a TON of downloads and lots of support, so that has been really great.

About the site –
The basic idea is that artists can showcase their music with two free songs and several other songs for the pricing of the artist’s choice. There are live studio performances produced by the site called Brite Sessions (on which we hope to perform some day) and coffee shops and places of the like create their own stations featuring a mix of artists on a playlist from the site. It’s really cool.


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